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Water Mechanics in Dundas, Ontario offers a convenient location where you'll find all the latest in water treatment systems that will provide your family with pure, healthy water. We offer chlorine removal and water softening equipment, the latest Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis purification systems and U-Fill purified water station. Water Mechanics offers expert care and professional service.


All of us and our families deserve to live healthy and enjoy the very best of the best. So why compromise on our drinking water? Water is something that we all require in our daily lives and purified drinking water is known to have many positive health benefits.


 We have earned the title as the “Water Treatment Specialists” for a reason. Our main objective is to ensure every family is enjoying safe, clean water. No matter what your water situation is at home, we can help develop the best water treatment system so that with every pour and with every tap, you are getting the very best water possible. 


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