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Your Water Treatment Specialists




Water Filtration Supplies



  • Cold & Hot Water Coolers



  • In-line Filters



  • Flow Meters



  • Housings



  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes



  • Spun Sediment Filters



  • Block Activated Carbon



  • Cationic Resin (softener)



  • Pumps



  • Purifiers



  • Screen Filters



  • Testers/Monitors/Controllers



  • UV Sterilizers



  • Special Media



  • Water Softener Salt


Water Jug Stand
Water Jug Stand
Water Softening Salt
Res Care for water treament
Water Filter
Water jug pump
Water Filter
Water Filter
Water Filter

Come on in - the water is GREAT !

Water Mechanics Dundas
Water Mechanics Dundas
Water Mechanics filling station
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